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高知県産スギ材学習机 baum_01

Motoyama, Kochi JAPAN
as an educational material

In Kochi Prefecture, the government and private companies have been trying to expand the demand for domestic lumber together. Although a wide range of daily commodities was made of wood in the past, most of furniture especially used in school is made of cheap imported lumber and metal parts. Therefore, we designed new school furniture named baum_01, made of local lumber, because people want the local students to use local materials somehow.

However, the price of school desk made of local lumber is approximately twice as high as the conventional one produced by the major manufacturers. Thus, the desk and chair should be adjustable for student’s height, so as not to purchase a large number of school furniture for such a small school in the mountain area.

Thanks to leaning from several prototypes with full cooperation of students and teachers including the principal of the school, we finished designing the natural and environment-friendly furniture finally. Due to the fully local materials, baum_01 is still beloved by the local students.







設計: 川西康之 + ICHIBANSEN / nextstations
協力: 高知県