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Fujita Dental Centre, Koshigaya City, Saitama Pref., Japan
Dental office for town and people










Fujita Dental Centre is located in front of the station at Kita-koshigaya, typical commuter town in Saitama, and is one of the largest class dental clinics in the metropolitan area. Since there are more than 10 dental clinics in front of the station, its neighborhood is a battleground of dental clinics. In order to survive there, the dentist had to differentiate the policy and service from other clinics.

The main theme of this project is to change the values of conventional dental office. Although no one drops in dental clinics except for patients generally, we designed an approachable dental clinic like café. In contrary to the mainstream of recent medical facilities consisting of private rooms, the clinic has only one large room, which divided by the wooden partition for each patient. It makes the clinic bright and comfortable thanks to the wall-less space.

In addition, a system of participatory library called “machi library” was introduced for regional communication; citizens including patients can have opportunity to talk with the staffs by means of their favorite books on the large bookshelf.

The space has been acquired fans and utilized for a large number of events since opening. An alternative usage of dental office is there.


日本歯科新聞 歯科デザインアワード 2014 最優秀賞

公益社団法人日本インテリアデザイナー協会 JID賞 ビエンナーレ2014 インテリアスペース賞部門賞



事業主:  医療法人 爽美会

工事概要: 室内設計

所在地:  343-0025 埼玉県越谷市大沢3-6-1 パルテきたこし1階(東武スカイツリーライン北越谷駅前)

院長:   藤田 融 (ふじた とおる)

事業統括: 株式会社Energy Labo

設計・監理:川西康之+栗田祥弘+柳辰太郎 / nextstations

設備設計: 株式会社ウェル

施工:   株式会社イシマル