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about us 私たちについて

We ICHIBANSEN / nextstations is a company who directs basic proposal, architectural design, business management and information transmission totally; especially our strong fields are public transportation, welfare facilities and regional design.

Our policy is "think together from tbeginning" with users and clients. In the process of your project, we define the objectives, adjust schedule and create spatial design only for you. Every project including tiny one is based on the discussion with you because it is necessary to grab the invisible needs for total design.

Even after completion of the project, we continue to design and consider the management together. That is why we are not just designers, but directors who design from fundamental proposal to business management for your future.

私たちは、課題整理+ 建築設計+ 事業運営+ 情報発信をトータルにデザインする企業です。とくに、公共交通・医療・福祉・生活・地域の未来を創ります。


そうして、建築・空間などの設計着手と完成後の運営計画も一緒に考えて参ります。企画段階〜設計段階〜完成後の運営計画までを一体的かつ総合的にデザインする企業が私たちICHIBANSEN / nextstations です。