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for Japanese premium woods

This project is a pavilion for the promotion of national lumber at Japan Home Show 2013 TOKYO Big Sight, the largest exhibition of building materials in Japan. Unfortunately most of the pavilions are boring because the pamphlets and samples of materials are just displayed in their booth.

For the sake of attention from the general public, we tried to design an extraordinary space, where you feel as if you come into the forest despite in the urban city Tokyo, in fact. Since the natural lumbers are products of all over Japan, 12 companies from 12 districts participated in the event in total. Thus, we thought the pavilion should be like a bar, where the customers in

Tokyo and staffs from each district can talk together.

As the shop curtain of the bar, we utilized the national wooden tag with the name of each company and district. After passing through the wooden tag, you can have more information about the lumber in the blissful space surrounded by the natural wood with fragrance. The wood curtain can be the equipment of the entrance, which connects the forest and urban city.





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