Gotemba House 御殿場の家

Gotemba, Shizuoka JAPAN
A renewal for a family

It is a project to repair the Western-style house of 30 years old.

In addition to structural reinforcement and the exchange of facilities and the insulation material, I suggested most suitable house for the big family who would live newly. Each room left the sound articulation before repair and it was unsociable, but created the space that could feel the sign of the family who was in other rooms while it was toed the mark by founding a housing part and a slit.

Because a beautiful curve beam greatly appeared in the in the ceiling of the Japanese-style room when I pushed forward dismantling construction with the repair, I decided to repair it to the Western-style room which showed the same roof truss. By operation such as arranging the removal of the ceiling and the small opening, a feeling of pressure disappears in the small room and feels it to area of several times.

The kitchen which I thought to play a key role of the life changed into the wide room of one that families gathered by removing an existing wall and pillar. A family has a meal mainly on a new big island kitchen counter in the morning, and a wife performs housework at noon, and it is with the study place of the child in the evening, and it is with the space that I sit in a happy circle again at night in whole family, and eats. Because it is available as a bench, as for the low storing of the height that I made for the wall side, even a party to invite a large number of guests to can direct turnout around a kitchen.







​住所: 静岡県御殿場市

設計: 笹井 夕莉 + 姫野 智宏 + ICHIBANSEN / nextstations
施工: 福櫻建設

copyright (C) Yasuyuki KAWANISHI + ICHIBANSEN / nextstations all rights reserved.

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