The Railway Story in the sky Exhibition 特別展 天空ノ鉄道物語

Roppongi, Tokyo, JAPAN
The exhibition is You

Over the 56 years from 1964 to 2020, our daily life has changed drastically. The evolution of science and technology has brought great change to the structure of Japanese society itself, and in the midst of this, railways are now once again facing a period of significant transformation.

The history of railways that you have seen here is the evidence of untiring effort in the pursuit of speed and convenience, but what will the railways of the future aim to achieve? This is something I want to consider along with everyone who has visited this Railway Story in the sky.

We hope that the railways of the future continue to bring hope to many different areas around Japan, and build culture while creating wonderful landscapes. We also hope that you yourself can play a role in this, as well.





名称: 特別展「天空ノ鉄道物語」


会場: 六本木ヒルズ・森アーツセンターギャラリー 東京都港区

監修: 川西 康之  / ICHIBANSEN / nextstations

copyright (C) Yasuyuki KAWANISHI + ICHIBANSEN / nextstations all rights reserved.

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