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(仮称)富士山デザインハウス インマヌエル

Welfare House for handicaps, Oyama town, Shizuoka Pref. JAPAN
creating for our future

We are designing a new welfare facility for handicapped people at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Fujisan Design House is a comprehensive concept not just for the new buildings, but also for alternative activities and projects for the next-generation welfare society.

As the background, we have to build the new building and move there because a new expressway has been scheduled to be built at the site of the present building. However, we regard this situation as a one-in-a-million chance, not mere moving and improvement of the building.

Basically, the planning of welfare facilities tends to be boring due to the typical style, which is limited by the law, budget and schedule. Nevertheless, we started from discussion about several issues such as management, architectural design and regional cooperation instead of the conventional style.

In order to facilitate communication for the new welfare, we have utilized the way of discussion called “future session” every month since 2012. The strategy of discussion can catch a wide range of opinions from every participant.

The aim for this project is to be radically different from the conventional welfare facilities, which are isolated from the general public and central city. Furthermore, we should design the advanced organization, which accepts the diverse expression, becomes financially independent and gives pleasant daily life to everybody.

Thus, we define the general term of these concepts as "Fujisan Design House."

our client: IMMANUEL the welfare group

our team: Yasuyuki KAWANISHI, Yuri SASAI, Yuichiro KATO and Tomohiro HIMENO / ICHIBANSEN/nextstations + Kosaku ANDO

location: Shizuoka pref. JAPAN





事業主:社会福祉法人 婦人の園 障害者支援施設インマヌエル

株式会社イチバンセン ICHIBANSEN / nextstations
(担当:川西 康之、笹井 夕莉、加藤 雄一朗、姫野 智宏、横田 賢治)