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えちごトキめきリゾート 雪月花

Echigo TOKImeki Resort "SETSUGEKKA", Echigo TOKImeki Railway, Niigata Pref., Japan
We designed your new views

The excursion train ‘Echigo TOKImeki Resort SETSUGEKKA’ has replaced the walls with huge windows for the grand view of ocean and mountains. It has started its operation in the western part of Niigata prefecture, Japan. In order to be a new symbol of this area, the train’s body was colored vermillion glowing with the nature. Even though the train consists of only 2 carriages and 45 seats, its rail travel gives you a blissful time and marvelous view of the local scenery you have never seen before.


Conventionally, most passengers might take it for granted that better train should have shorter traveling time, as it is just a public transportation in daily life or travels for them. Therefore, its speed had become faster dramatically thanks to the technological development in the world, especially Asian one such as bullet train called Shinkansen. Nevertheless, the general public tends to be forgetting and indifferent to enjoying the view from the train window, the traveling time spent with someone special to you or the journey itself. You are supposed to be able to have dramatic experience only in the place you are traveling by train now.


Accordingly, passenger’s precious time with Japanese hospitality must be the highest priority in our project, SETSUGEKKA. In terms of the interior, we are particular about the local materials including kawara tile flooring and domestic natural lumber in spite of the train’s steel body. Although it is said to be difficult to utilize natural wood in the coach owing to the flammability, the worker’s effort and modern technology such as fireproof material made this possible. For example, the walls consist of aluminum and 0.2 mm thickness natural sliced veneer of Japanese cedar, beech and birch.


In addition, the service of food and drink on board is nalso based on the local products in order to revitalize the local area; since Niigata prefecture is famous for sake brewery and stunning view of both ocean and volcanoes, the customers can have the special French meals and sake while enjoying the perfect view of natural landscape.


Compared to a limited express or bullet train, SETSUGEKKA is ridiculously slower because it takes 3 hours from the starting station to the terminal, despite the 13 minutes trip by Hokuriku Shinkansen. That is exactly why passengers can have enjoyable time with the relaxed journey that you have never experienced on the nominal train. In the next period after the rapid growth of Asia, this sort of innovative design and train service can be the new trend.


Train is one of the most influential presentations by the local, not just transportation system for the general public. In the case of SETSUGEKKA, due to replacing walls for windows and accepting local character positively, it had a powerful impact on the contemporary trend and concept of locality in Asia. Moreover, this project can be the first step of local design innovation in our global future.



観光列車は、美しい車窓の演出が最重要です。この観光列車が走る路線は明治時代に開業しており、車窓は130年以上ほぼ変わっていません。雪月花では、最新の技術で側窓を可能な限り大きく、床の高さを変えて、今まで見たこともない車窓の視点を創ることを目指しました。乗る度に異なる旅を提供してリピーターを生むため、日本海側を向いた席、カフェテラス風の席、大きなテーブルを備えた食堂車風の席、世界唯一の前面展望ハイデッキ個室などバラエティに富んだ座席配置としました。 観光列車は地域の皆さまに支えて頂かねば成功しません。雪月花では、金色に磨き上げられた金物加工品は燕三条地域、鉄道車両では史上初となる瓦床材は阿賀野地域、越後杉は村上地域など県内各地の地場産業が参加しました。これらの素材は、メンテナンスは既成品より手間が掛かることになりますが、新潟県にしかない観光列車を創る、という強い意志を関係者間で共有し、日々大事に維持しています。




設計デザイン統括:ICHIBANSEN / nextstations 株式会社イチバンセン(担当:川西 康之、笹井 夕莉、姫野 智宏)

車内サービス企画・プロデュース:岩佐 十良 氏(株式会社自遊人・里山十帖)

料理監修:飯塚 隆太 氏(六本木リューズ・シェフ)+ 青木 孝夫 氏(割烹鶴来家)


受賞歴 prized
SBID The International Design Awards 2016, London United Kingdom : Winner(英国デザイン協会主催)​公共デザイン部門 最優秀賞

FDA Asia Design Awards 2016, Hong Kong : Silver Awards(香港デザイン協会主催)銀賞

IDA 10TH International Design Award, Los Angels USA : Gold Winner(米国国際デザイン賞事務局主催)金賞

Japan Wood Design Awards 2016(公益社団法人国土緑化推進機構など主催)奨励賞 審査委員長賞
Good Design Awards 2016(公益財団法人日本デザイン振興会主催)グッドデザイン賞

ふるさと名品オブ・ザ・イヤー 地方創生賞(産経新聞社や日本郵便など幹事大手企業12社主催)

​鉄道友の会選定 ローレル賞2017(鉄道友の会主催)


新聞: 日本経済新聞、朝日新聞、産経新聞、読売新聞、新潟日報、上越タイムス、上越タウンジャーナル、The Daily Mail(イギリス)ほか多数



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