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“wasted” is an international art project that challenges the transience of the feminine virtue of fertility. It is an installation of 12.000 silk dresses, a piano concert with multi media and is reaching out to audiences to participate or engage in the process of this project through a ritual.

Tomoko Mukaiyama is always in contact with her audience during her piano recitals. She examines what happens to the energy during and after the time with her spectators and has used this research in the visual concept of her concert performances. With this project, she is not only communicating as a musician in a one-way direction, but exchanging as a human being and artist with her audience the basic emotions of fertility. In fact, she asks her audiences through the exhibitions and through Internet to take part in the project by giving them a white silk dress for free on the condition they wear it and make a statement out of it.





実施設計+監理:川西 康之/nextstations + CUT(千葉大学大学院の建築学生たちによる有志)



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